Connecting with Canadians

Research Area:

Children, Youth and Families

CPRN's research identifies the best policy mix for Canadians at every stage of their lives, from infancy through old age. CPRN pioneered the best mix approach in the field of child and family policy. For example, our research concluded that good outcomes for Canada's young children depend on three enabling conditions: adequate income, effective parenting and supportive communities.

Family life does not exist in a vacuum. Families exist in overlapping social, economic and physical environments, so a wide array of policy issues affect them. These include early childhood education, and parental and community supports.

CPRN is launching a new program of research examining Canada's response to the challenge of population decline. We are initiating the program with a national agenda-setting roundtable on sustainable population policy where a range of stakeholders will share evidence, exchange ideas and perspectives, and outline next steps to collaboratively address the challenges.

We have also begun to study the 18-25 age group we collectively label "youth." Despite all the talk about Canada's ageing workforce, generation gaps, and the alienation of younger Canadians, young people have little say in policy development. CPRN conducted a National Youth Dialogue in 2005 – a landmark event which revealed the values and aspirations of young Canadians from coast to coast, and an event that continues to inform our work in areas such as youth political and civic participation.



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