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News Release:

Leading Canadian Think Tank Closes Its Doors


Canada is losing one of its leading independent public policy think tanks due to a lack of long-term funding commitment from governments and other resources. "It is with sadness that I must announce that after 15 years of quality public policy research, Canadian Policy Research Networks [CPRN] is no longer financially viable and will cease operations," announced Dr. Sharon Manson Singer, President of CPRN.

CPRN has been recognized nationally – and internationally – as a champion of citizen engagement and non-partisan socio-economic public policy research and analysis and has produced a wealth of quality evidence-based publications on a wide variety of issues. CPRN has worked extensively in the areas of social innovation, citizenship, diversity and Canadian values, productivity and skills, health and the environment, and may be most widely known for championing deliberative dialogues and consultations with a range of Canadians – from coast to coast to coast – on issues that affect them deeply.

Release Date: 26 Oct 2009
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