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Centre for Productivity and Health Human Resources


There is near consensus that the health care system in Canada faces significant financial challenges in the future as presently organized.  It is estimated that the impact from health system inflation, ageing, increasing utilization and looming health human resource shortages will make the health care system more expensive for governments to support in less than a decade.

Raising the productivity of the health care system will ensure its long-term survival.  But emphasizing productivity does not mean working harder:  it means providing support and the tools necessary to help workers – and systems – function more efficiently and effectively with the resources they have.

The Centre for Productivity and Health Human Resources (CPHHR) is an inter-sectoral network of leaders focused on ways to advance the importance of productivity in health care in Canada.  This happens through the sharing of perspectives, the development of evidence-based research designed for maximum impact and the timely exchange of relevant information.

CPHHR will be co-chaired by Dr. Hugh Scully, Cardiovascular Surgeon at Toronto General Hospital and Professor in Surgery and Status Professor in Health Administration at the University of Toronto; and economist, Dr. Jack Mintz, who holds the Palmer Chair in Public Policy, School of Public Policy, at the University of Calgary, and was formerly the CEO of the CD Howe Institute.  The inaugural meeting of CPHHR is planned for the winter of 2009-10.

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