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Research Report:

Taming of the Queue VI – Improving Patient Flow

by Eddy Nason, Glen Roberts

Taming of the Queue VI, held March 27 to 28, 2009 in Ottawa, looked at innovation and best practices across the continuum of care to reduce and manage wait times.  The conference explored the underlying factors that drive wait times; shared research and experiences; and identified policy implications of improved wait time measurement from the perspective of payers, providers and patients.  Presentations and discussions covered examples of success in addressing wait times around the patient's entry point to the health system. Taming of the Queue VI – Improving Patient Flow, by Eddy Nason and Glen Roberts, reports on this year's conference.

Release Date: 25 Jun 2009
Number of pages: 53
Document number: 51431
Keywords: wait times, referral, primary care, IT tools, management strategies, demand mitigation, access to care, appropriateness of care, Eddy Nason