Connecting with Canadians

Research Report:

There's More to Policy Than Alignment

by Evert Lindquist

The demands on governments to meet citizen expectations for timely and effective policies, programs and services are enormous and difficult to satisfy.  There are many competing priorities – managing the economy, sustaining a strong, viable social safety net, and dealing with climate change – that are complex issues to manage.  The urgency and depth of the current economic downturn has added pressures to policy-making capacity.  Addressing these challenges requires well considered, forward looking and creative policy approaches.  How well equipped is the public sector to respond and to provide political leaders and public sector decision-makers with quality advice that will be effective in addressing Canada's public policy challenges?

In There's More to Policy Than Alignment, Evert Lindquist explores the challenge of policy capacity in government and the needs of decision-makers and the public.  Lindquist seeks to lay a foundation for a discussion and debate on whether Canada is realizing its potential for building policy capability and tapping into potentially policy-relevant research.

Release Date: 28 May 2009
Number of pages: 39
Document number: 51384