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Homelessness in Canada: Past, Present, Future

by J. David Hulchanski

In Homelessness in Canada:  Past, Present, Future, David Hulchanski looks at the evolution of the set of social problems we now call homelessness and the efforts of governments and communities to address them.  A key reason for the lack of progress is that needed social housing, income support and support services, the three reasons why some Canadians become homeless, have not been a high priority for governments at any level.  Had the late 1960s and early 1970s commitment to adequate housing, income and support services for all Canadians been sustained and improved, as we did in the case of health care, advances in addressing the challenge of homelessness would have been realized.  Instead support has been withdrawn to save money or decrease the role of government.

Release Date: 19 Mar 2009
Number of pages: 13
Document number: 51110

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