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Research Report:

Employer Investment in Workplace Learning: Report on the Edmonton Roundtable

by Ron Saunders

Employer investment in workplace learning is critical to the development of the skills and knowledge of Canadian workers, especially as the aging of the baby boom cohort results in a slowing of labour force growth.  Most people who will be in the workforce in 2015 are in it today.  It is becoming urgent to make the best use of the workers we now have. In 2007-2008, the Canadian Council on Learning's Work and Learning Knowledge Centre partnered with CPRN to convene a series of four roundtables on employer investment in workplace learning across Canada.  The goal was to identify practical steps to ensure that the quantity and quality of workplace learning in Canada matches the needs of the economy and maximizes the potential of Canadian workers. Roundtables took place in Toronto, Halifax, Yellowknife and Edmonton. In Employer Investment in Workplace Learning:  Report on the Edmonton Roundtable, Ron Saunders, reports perspectives from Alberta that emerged at the session in Edmonton.

Release Date: 19 Feb 2009
Number of pages: 19
Document number: 51033