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Research Report:

Dilemmas of Owners and Workers in a Risk Society

by Tammy Duerden Comeau, Catherine Gordon, Victor W. Marshall, Julie Ann McMullin

Both employees and employers face a variety of shared risks.  Changing economic conditions and the development of new products by competitors are overriding common risks.  Dilemmas of Owners and Workers in a Risk Society looks at both the risks borne by workers and employers in small IT organizations.  They explore how each group perceives those risks in relation to the viability of the firm.  The paper offers an analysis of risk discourse and employment relations gathered from IT owners and workers in four study countries:  Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. The authors show that not only owners and managers but also employees worry a great deal about the future of the firm – and employees worry more about that than they do about a range of other job-related issues, including their personal ability to be competitive in the job market.

Release Date: 12 Feb 2009
Number of pages: 24
Document number: 51018