Connecting with Canadians


Personal Reflection on the Victory and Inauguration of Barack Obama

by Wathira Kamoji

CPRN Researcher Wathira Kamoji was born in Kenya and spent her formative years in Canada.  Given her Kenyan roots, she followed US President Barack Obama's presidential campaign with interest.  For her, Obama's victory is recognition of the possibilities that are now more attainable for immigrants and people of colour.  She attended the inauguration and describes it as an experience that was filled with many poignant moments; and empowering in an indescribable way.  Wathira has put her feelings and perspective to pen in a personal reflection on the victory and inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Wathira Kamoji was one of the people interviewed in CPAC's video entitled "Great Expectations: Obama Comes to Canada."  Click here to watch the video.

Release Date: 5 Feb 2009
Number of pages: 2
Document number: 50996