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Research Report:

Indicators of Healthy and Vibrant Communities Roundtable – A Primer

by CPRN / RCRPP, Ontario Trillium Foundation

Capturing accurate and timely data to reflect the well-being of a community is becoming increasingly important to both policy-makers and community leaders who strive for continual improvement in quality of life.  Community indicators are an important tool in recognizing successes and identifying areas where improvement is required. A roundtable held on June 23, 2008 in Toronto and organized by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) and CPRN brought together approximately 50 senior government officials and leaders of community organizations.  The session explored the possibilities for a shared set of community indicators in Ontario that would refine the understanding of healthy and vibrant communities and support effective decision-making at the Foundation as well as by communities. 

Release Date: 26 Jun 2008
Number of pages: 21
Document number: 50117