Connecting with Canadians


Leadership Summit 2008 – Connecting with Canadians

by Sharon Manson Singer, PhD

Two keynote presentations to CPRN's Leadership Summit 2008 held in Ottawa on February 13 explored the deeply held values Canadians hold and how they influence their expectations for public policy. CPRN President Sharon Manson Singer described a framework of expectations and obligations which are the basis of Connecting with Canadians, the research program CPRN launched at the Summit. Identified from CPRN research and dialogue with Canadians, it describes what Canadians have said they expect from government, business and community organizations and what they believe, as citizens, we should give back to society. The expectations and obligations represent a vision of the Canada that Canadians want. The presentation also describes five public policy research challenges critical to achieving the vision Canadians hold and that will be addressed in CPRN research. The challenges are: citizenship; diversity; productivity and skills; health and our ageing population; and the environment.

Release Date: 21 Feb 2008
Number of pages: 13
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