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Research Report:

From School to the Labour Market in Québec: Analysis of Student Trajectories in Terms of Previous Learning Path and Early Labour Market Experience

by Jean-Claude Bousquet et al.

The school to work transition is critical for every young adult and their long-term career prospects.  But the paths young people take vary significantly.  From School to the Labour Market in Québec is the sixth in CPRN's series, Pathways for Youth to the Labour Market.  It examines the experience of young people in Québec and their learning paths and early labour market outcomes.  The study, which focuses on students taking vocational education at the high school level and/or technical education at the college level, draws on data from a variety of sources, including administrative data on students enrolled in the education system in Québec as well as surveys of graduates.

Release Date: 31 Jan 2008
Number of pages: 40
Document number: 49293