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Research Report:

Towards an Effective Adult Learning System: Report on a Series of Regional Roundtables

by Ron Saunders

Towards an Effective Adult Learning System:  Report on a Series of Regional Roundtables, calls for more learning opportunities for adult Canadians to improve their skills.  It follows up on a 2006 CPRN report, Too Many Left Behind: Canada's Adult Education and Training System, which found that access to learning opportunities in Canada is generally poor for less-educated adults in Canada. CPRN conducted a series of regional roundtables in Halifax, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary, where people from business, labour, government, educational institutions, and others involved in adult learning developed a vision and recommendations for a more coherent, accessible and effective system. The report is based on the discussions at these roundtables.

Release Date: 15 Nov 2007
Number of pages: 24
Document number: 48950