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Getting Ready for the Referendum: Food for Thought… – Forum Highlights

by Mary Pat MacKinnon, Judy Watling

When Ontario voters go to the polls in October 2007, they won't just be casting ballots to elect politicians. They will be choosing whether to make an historic change to Ontario's electoral system – by adopting the Mixed Member Proportional System (MMP), recommended by the Ontario Citizens Assembly, or maintaining the status quo by voting to stay with the current system, Single Member Plurality (SMP).

The merits and challenges of both were discussed in Toronto on June 18, 2007 at the Public Forum on Electoral Systems: Policy Influence, Impacts and Implications. The forum was co-hosted by Canadian Policy Research Networks and Ryerson University as a way to focus attention on an important, but little-discussed aspect of electoral systems: how they influence and shape public policy processes within government, political parties, parliament and civil societies.

Release Date: 12 Jul 2007
Number of pages: 7
Document number: 48238

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