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Developing Skills through Partnerships – Symposium Report


In November 2005, Ontario signed two deals with the federal government designed to help create the conditions to develop the highly skilled workforce the province needs to ensure its economic and social prosperity.  One year later, key labour market stakeholders, including users, delivery agents and government, met to explore how partners can help governments implement the agreements.  Developing Skills through Partnerships, had two keynote speakers.  Christopher Bentley, Ontario's Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, spoke about Ontario's vision for a client-centred employment training system.  Judith Maxwell, Past President and Research Fellow, CPRN, addressed the participants with a presentation that began, "Why are we here?" and went on to talk about how Ontario is not ready to deal with the looming labour market crisis.

The report of the symposium includes summaries of both keynote speeches as well as presentations given on "lessons learned" by other provinces, including Alberta and Quebec.  The paper also lists immediate and long-term priorities and details the findings of several roundtable sessions.

Release Date: 5 Jul 2007
Number of pages: 16
Document number: 48200