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What is one of the biggest fears keeping employers from investing in workplace training? Poaching. Many employers think they risk losing that now attractively-skilled employee to a rival. All that time and money wasted. That is not how Joanne Taylor sees it. She is the Director responsible for Learning and Development at Staples Business Depot. She thinks, "The bigger risk is turning off a customer because your staff can't completely meet their expectations and then leave empty-handed." – the CPRN Web site that provides comprehensive, public and user-friendly information on the quality of work in the Canadian labour market – has just added an interview with Taylor about the details of her company's program. Senior Researcher Richard Brisbois asked her to describe how the program connects with Staples' business strategy, what are its challenges and what advice she has for other employers interested in workplace learning. To read the interview with Joanne Taylor, go to

There is more new material on the site. We have updated two of our job quality indicators on the Web site. They are: 
• Opportunities for Skills Development
• Do Workers Get the Training They Need?

To access those new indicators, go to

And, stayed tuned – isn't just adding new material. Next fall it will have a whole new look. 

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