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Research Report:

Towards an Effective Adult Learning System: Report on the Calgary Roundtable

by Ron Saunders

When CPRN published the report Too Many Left Behind:  Canada's Adult Education and Training System a year ago, it raised many questions.  The authors, Karen Myers and Patrice de Broucker, demonstrated that Canada has much work to do in order to make sure that adults have the skills needed to fully participate in today's workforce.  They found that Canada's system of adult learning is complex, fragmented, incomplete and without adequate employer support. 

The paper resulted in a series of four roundtable discussions across the country over the past year, sponsored by the Adult Learning Knowledge Centre of the Canadian Council on Learning.  The final event was held April 16, 2007, in Calgary – with participants coming from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.  This report includes discussion of the report's research as it relates to Western Canada and a review of new and promising initiatives from the western provinces.

Release Date: 14 Jun 2007
Number of pages: 15
Document number: 48077