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Research Report:

Trading Up – High School and Beyond: Five Illustrative Canadian Case Studies

by Mame McCrea Silva, Susan M. Phillips

In Trading Up – High School and Beyond:  Five Illustrative Canadian Case Studies, authors Mame McCrea Silva and Susan M. Phillips examine vocational programs at five schools in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario in order to share best practices and identify some stumbling blocks to sustainability of programs. For example, the authors identified these common elements as contributing to the effectiveness of vocational programs:  active partnerships; flexible delivery options, program design and scheduling of instruction; marketing, recruitment and selection processes; and early career awareness and development programs. The report offers details about each school's programs including how the programs fit into the local community, and the authors conclude with recommendations to educators and policy-makers.

Release Date: 31 May 2007
Number of pages: 108
Document number: 47958