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The Feds Are Widening, Not Closing, the Prosperity Gap

by David Hay

A recent Statistics Canada report revealed a growing gap between the rich and poor in this country.  The report on income inequality and redistribution suggests that the labour market and specifically high-earning couples are the reason behind this.  "A key driver of this is the rising earning power of the two-earner family, especially when both earners are highly educated" says the report. David Hay, CPRN's Director, Social Development, in his commentary on the Globe and Mail's Web site, has found an additional explanation for this growing divide between rich and poor.  He writes that further examination of the report's tables reveals "…some other potential contributors to rising after-tax inequality, and these have more to do with governments than the labour market."

Release Date: 31 May 2007
Number of pages: 2
Document number: 47932