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Pathways for Youth to the Labour Market

by Patrice de Broucker, Ron Saunders

Pathways for Youth to the Labour Market – one of CPRN's signature research projects – was the focus of a roundtable discussion on Monday, May 14, 2007 in Ottawa.  The Pathways project was started in 2006 to identify policies and practices to enable more young Canadians to find pathways that lead to sustained employment with decent pay, good working conditions and career potential.  The event was an opportunity to review key findings, to obtain feedback on work in progress and to seek advice on future elements of the project.  To lay the groundwork, Ron Saunders, CPRN's Director, Work and Learning, and Patrice de Broucker, Centre for Education Statistics at Statistics Canada, gave a presentation providing the background of the Pathways project and an overview of the findings to date.

Release Date: 24 May 2007
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