Connecting with Canadians


Teaching Aids for Civics Education in Canadian Schools

by Mary Pat MacKinnon, Judy Watling

Who better to tell us how to engage our younger generation in democratic institutions than young people themselves?  In workshops and dialogues, young participants have told CPRN that one of the best ways of hooking them into the democratic process is to provide a comprehensive civics education starting in the early grades.  These young people also told us they want school to be a safe place to openly discuss challenging issues, learn about different points of view and develop skills for critical analysis and problem solving.

CPRN's landmark National Youth Dialogue and Summit brought together 144 young Canadians to talk about participation and citizenship. Two workbooks were prepared for the event to support discussion and to guide the dialogue.  They are written in a style that is appealing to young people, and teachers appreciate them as a useful tool for their civics classes.

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National Dialogue for Young Canadians – Workbook – Section 1: Background

National Dialogue for Young Canadians – Workbook – Section 2: Dialogue Issues

Release Date: 17 May 2007
Number of pages: 3
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