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Research Report:

Vers un système efficace d'éducation et de formation des adultes : Rapport de la table ronde de Montréal

by Patrice de Broucker, Judi Varga-Toth

In June 2006, CPRN's report, Too Many Left Behind:  Canada's Adult Education and Training System, revealed serious gaps in our system to help adults learn the skills they need to fully participate in today's workforce.  The authors, Karen Myers and Patrice de Broucker, discovered a system of adult learning that is complex, fragmented and without adequate employer support.

The report sparked much interest across Canada and subsequently resulted in a series of regional roundtables to discuss the findings, sponsored by the Adult Learning Knowledge Centre of the Canadian Council on Learning.  The third roundtable in the series was held February 16, 2007 in Montreal.

Please note, this report is available in French only.

Release Date: 17 May 2007
Number of pages: 16
Document number: 47804