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Welcome to CPRN’s New Web Site

by Sharon Manson Singer, PhD

Canadian Policy Research Networks' Web site has a new look and our organization has a new structure.

Our Web site has been streamlined so you can quickly check out our latest research and more easily find publications in our extensive archives. Our "What's New" feature is front and centre and now includes video. Click on the icon to see a short explanation of the latest research publication. This week you will see a message about the new era CPRN is entering. Click on "Policy Briefs" for quick synopses of our research on topical issues. You can access our information through "Research Areas" down the left-hand side of the page. Take a look around and tell us what you think by clicking

CPRN's structure has been transformed to create an integrated, interdisciplinary team. We have fused our four networks to generate cross-disciplinary synergies – taking full advantage of the tremendous capacity of the CPRN research family.

We know CPRN research has become an important tool for many people in Canada and abroad – our Web site hosted 1.9 million visitors last year who downloaded more than 1.6 million documents. We hope the new CPRN look and structure will make our work more accessible and even more valuable than in the past.

Release Date: 2 May 2007
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