Connecting with Canadians


The Youth/Ballot Box Disconnect

by Mary Pat MacKinnon, Judy Watling

It is not apathy.  It is not irresponsibility.  Neither were factors when young people told CPRN why their age group appears to be staying away in droves when it comes to voting or joining political parties.  In early March, CPRN gathered a diverse group of young women and men at a workshop in Ottawa to talk about what can be done to encourage and support more young adults to "get involved."  Their eagerness to share ideas demonstrated that they do want to participate – but their message was:  a lot will have to change before they can.

Their ideas will inform a series of research papers CPRN has commissioned to explore a variety of issues related to youth civic and democratic participation.  Those papers will be published in the coming months.  This article is a brief summary of what CPRN heard in the workshop.

Release Date: 12 Apr 2007
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Document number: 47408