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Research Report:

Whither the Federal Urban Agenda? A New Deal in Transition

by Neil Bradford

Whither the Federal Urban Agenda?  A New Deal in Transition. Neil Bradford. CPRN Research Report F|65. February 2007. 23 pp.

It was a hallmark of the new century: a better deal for Canadian cities. The federal government began to turn its attention to the needs of Canadian municipalities – which had been sidelined as governments struggled to downsize and reduce deficits during the 80s and 90s. To many, it was attention long overdue as urban gurus such as Jane Jacobs and Richard Florida told us repeatedly that cities matter:  that they are the engines of our economy – and how all the key social policy questions of the day [health, education, poverty and housing] are urban policy questions.  In the forthcoming book, The New Federal Policy Agenda: On the Cutting Edge, CPRN research associate Neil Bradford contributes a chapter on what has happened to that issue entitled “Whither the Federal Urban Agenda? A New Deal in Transition.”

Release Date: 15 Feb 2007
Number of pages: 23
Document number: 46924