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Democracy As Contact Sport - Pumping Up the Body Politic / CPRN Report on Skills Upgrading Gets World Audience


CPRN Report on Skills Upgrading Gets World Audience

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD] has released a new publication, Skills Upgrading New Policy Perspectives, examining international initiatives that contribute to success for less-skilled workers. It includes case studies from Belgium [Flanders], Canada, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States. See:,2340,en_2649_201185_
for more information.      

The case study for Canada was written by Richard Brisbois and Ron Saunders of the Work Network of CPRN.  A preliminary version of this report, Skills Upgrading Initiatives in Canada: Regional Case Studies, was released in January 2005. It can be downloaded free of charge.


Democracy is a Contact Sport – Building Citizenship Skills and Practices: Seven Steps to a Better Body Politic. Mary Pat MacKinnon, the Director of CPRN's Public Involvement Network, says democracy is just like the human body: "…it's a work in progress.

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